To sell a company

Where should I go to get assistance when I whish to sell my company? You need hands on advice. The auditor is an expert in producing an economical and financial presentation. The bankers can assist you and have an interest in handling the acquisition sum. Lawyers are needed for contractual purposes. In addition you might need a tax advisor. They are all professionals in their field, but they do not master the whole process.

The supportive specialists above are universal in all mergers and acquisitions. You can often deal with the issues out of the same context. One document does not differ much from another. Same key figures are produced in all economic presentations.

For you as seller it is important to find the right specialists to be able to manage a formally excellent sales. To find good specialists is no problem.

What else is needed to conclude a happy deal?

Somebody who:
  • Evaluates and exposes my companies unique assets.
  • Analyses the strategic possibilities.
  • Describes future development options.
  • Understands the nature of running a company.
  • Is able to market my company to the right category of buyer.
  • Is business oriented.
  • CABB consists of a group of consultants with own management experience. We have participated in a large number of sales and acquisitions and fully understand the problems of the seller and the buyer. We treat every assignment confidentially, with respect and individually. We emphasize the business driven analysis to find a buyer where synergies motivate a high transaction value.

    Having been operational active in large numbers of trades – also internationally – we own a sizable knowledge bank and a vast network. We know that each assignment is a proof of confidence. We have a high moral standing, excellent negotiation skill and are result oriented.

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